It is like this friend

When we add up all that we know from all of the disciplines there are, and tally up all of the things that are wrong with ourselves as people and with the world.

It becomes very clear that we know enough to realize that we are really screwed up.

Something is missing that we still have not seen, because no doable answers are coming from the things that we know.

We can understand the problems but we do not know what to do about them, sometimes we can see the answer but we cannot let go of the problem.

We nourish a culture of violence in the absence of something peaceful to compare it to.

We are letting everything that keeps us alive die, not even knowing what life is.

So what do we do?

We do what we have always done as a species; move forward and evolve!

Data-A proposes the most ambitious but doable journey to a transition between knowing about it and doing something about it

Life has survival tricks that have been staring at us all along, but that we have missed because life has not been our preoccupation, if it was, there would have never been war.

Life is the next frontier for the human species, not just because it is dying all around us due to our collective and arrogant innocence, but, because it is ridiculous to think that we came this far just to go out with a whimper.

Data-A is a gift for humanity, at the right time, at the right price, for the right thing.

Life, take it! 



is a philosopher/artist whose career of over half a century has been until now a sort of a well kept secret, that is until now that his prodigious mental output emerges to serve a troubled world at a critical moment in time.

From the early years of his formal education, Tiité sought to pursue an independent form of education. His ideas about art where nourished outside of tradition, with Nature as his head-master, science as a close adviser, history as reference to reality and society at the fringes. That mixture accounts most clearly for Tiité’s artistic authenticity.

This site ( houses his philosophical insights as he makes them available.   will highlight some of his work in the context of the development of Data-A art which is an art movement he developed for the 21st century.


Solar Beings

40” x 40” Mixed Media On Canvas

Tiité’s Narrative

Our awareness of the sun most likely dates back to our primeval ancestors at the beginning of life on Earth.

Today as we explore the detail at the beginning of the universe, our emerging "global mind" is allowing us to push our earthly consciousness into a new awareness as solar beings.

It is in that larger view, where we will find the wisdom to know the marvel and rarity of our world and the incentive to evolve to treasure it as the only haven for life like ours in the solar system.”



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